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Supermodel of the animal kingdom, the peacock is blessed with a singular and implausible beauty. According to our friend C. Darwin, its all about sexual selection: the male peacock’s tail has been formed over millennia due to the female peahen’s penchant for the tail feather’s eye-catching iridescence. It gets them every time.

AND US TOO. Prior to contemporary domestic use, production of peacock feather brocades date back to the 17th century originating with Tibetan Buddhist Temples- covering the seat backs of lama’s thrones. An auspicious history, sure, although one where production has always been extremely limited if not a little preposterous (like the bird itself). Then, as now, only twelve inches of fabric are completed on average per day: the quills are gathered as castoffs from wild peacocks, the quill feathers hand-plucked, assorted, twisted and knotted to eventually form a continuous thread that makes up the surface pile of this fine feathered fabric.

Peacock Feather Fabric, a wonder of the natural and cultivated worlds.

style:         WAVE
size:           1.0 yd x 24.0” in     [91.5 x 61 cm]
content:    18% Peacock Feather, 72% Rayon, 10% Silk

use:           upholstery, cushion covers, wall panels, apparel, +
                 (delicate material - low impact use recommended)

weight:      11 oz/yd;  [285 g/m];  [541 grms/mtr2]
sample:     8" x 9” in     [20 x 23 cm]  

features:   => velvet-like material w surface pile of peacock feathers
                       (wild gathered and hand knotted feathers)
                 => limited production crafted in remote rural India
                 => supplementary weft brocade ~ tapestry weaving
                 fabric care


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