THIS purveys goods for the home & body: metalware, textiles and sundry. We specialize in sustainable products that are both singular and yet particularly useful. Useful in the sense that the best things within our homes and upon our bodies exhibit something in addition to mere practical and aesthetic concerns. 

Working in the privileged medium of the late 20th & early 21st centuries- the consumer good, THIS strives to cultivate the essential fruition of what every material and moment aspires to become. We seek to marry the refined and the debased, the trained with the intuitive, timelessness and right-on-time-ness. We collaborate with visionary designers as well as village children, barter with meta-merchants and street hawkers, and nod to the aesthetic wisdom and advice of grandmothers. (more on our collaborators here).

Collaborating closely with indigenous artisans, we together transition a goods’ aesthetic and functional features toward our twenty-first century context. Our mission has always been to work within a sustainable and holistic platform: for us however it is not dogma.

Our Pineapple and Banana Fiber Fabrics derive from leaves of the Pineapple and Banana plants respectively. They are organically grown and locally harvested, the fiber yarns homespun and handwoven on old-style wooden pit looms by established cooperative ventures. Alternatively, we’ve created a series of seemingly found handbags that are fabricated in pure pvc vinyl - because that’s what the bag wanted to be. We have also given birth to such unapologetically opulent artifacts as a Peacock Feather Runner and Fabric: material goods that invite you to contemplate their use, exchange, and sign values by posing them casually on the coffee table. We prefer the unusual and far flung because these are areas uncovered by the design establishment, and, because that's where the best stuff is.

Its no coincidence that we are able to refine and solidify production processes and timelines to the most discerning standards- because its been our practice since 1991. Navigating both developing cultures and technologically overripe societies, we solicit utterly nonessential essentials to the discerning few and free-thinking masses who crave, above all, the sublime.