Because we use raw unadulterated materials our metal products will patina: surface tarnish or patina are characteristics of metal. One may choose to leave their bronze, copper, brass and iron with a natural occurring patina, or, restore them by polish. The natural oxidation process that occurs when these metals are exposed to the atmosphere can be quite beautiful, though some people prefer their metalware to be shiny and brilliant. Traditional methods of cleaning metals include rubbing with a mixture of a slightly abrasive material (salt, sugar or baking soda) and an acidic liquid (lemon, juice or tamarind paste). Brasso and other industrial metal cleaners are also available, but not recommended for any items used for food since chemical based and harmful if ingested. One can also polish metal surfaces with a soft cloth such as an old t-shirt and beeswax.

Thoroughly clean the interiors of your drinking vessels before first use- a mixture of baking soda and vinegar is your best bet. An additional few drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil as disinfectant will help too. Please note that one receives the metal’s beneficial properties because of direct contact with unadulterated metal itself.

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. The antimicrobial properties of brass have been known for centuries, commonly used for doorknobs and push plates and just about anything frequently touched by the masses. Brass is often referred to as “the poor man’s gold” because its comparatively inexpensive and the eye can rarely discern the difference. Brass is food safe for non-acidic foods.

Bronze is an alloy comprised of Copper and Tin, the most prized of the metals we offer. Because bronze ‘sings’ when struck by another object, many refer to bronze as “Kansa” (having a sweet voice). According to Ayurvedic medicine, bronze is the next auspicious metal after gold and silver to be used with food because of its immune-boosting and nutritive values. Traditional Ayurvedic doctors use vessels of bronze for preparing medicines. Ancient scriptures describe bronze as increasing the intellectual level of those who use it. Food safe!

Copper has natural sanitizing and anti-bacterial properties. Its also a powerful anti-oxidant. Known throughout natural medicine systems for its anti inflammatory properties (relieving joint pain and arthritis), ancient civilizations exploited
Copper’s beneficial properties by utilizing copper vessels for purifying their drinking water. Our copper products ship without coatings- this ensures that the water you consume remains in direct contact with copper. Allow water to remain in copper overnight or at least 6 hours for beneficial effects. Replace water and wash metal drinking vessels daily after use. Copper is food safe for water and non-acidic foods.

Our Iron wares are made of an alloy of iron and steel. Iron vessels are used in asian kitchens for frying and stewing; clean as you would a wok or cast iron cookware.

Our horn bowls are crafted of natural buffalo horn in specialized workshops. The horns do not come from protected animals but from domestic Buffalo. Because it’s a natural material, each bowl will have a slightly different coloration and texture. No two alike. Clean horn products with luke warm water by hand and dry immediately. Do not use a dishwasher, soap or soak. Food safe, however do not allow fluid food items to sit for prolonged periods beyond a meal (jam, salad, dressings). Occasionally apply a light coating of oil to prevent drying out.