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If we at THIS ever had the inclination to administer a righteous exhortation of do-gooding, our Banana Fiber Fabric certainly affords us the opportunity to no end. Because this cloth may very well define sustainability, embodying an ecologically intelligent production cycle from beginning to… beginning: regeneration ad infinitum. Consumer goods as nutrient.  Let us explain. 

LISTEN ALL MY BRETHREN, for crafting Banana Fiber Fabric involves an entire community: from cultivating thy field seedlings and preparation of raw material fibers into thread, to thy thread warping of wooden-pedal looms and weaving of the cloth. The banana tree from which this fabric is produced summons its nutrient energy by rain and sun from above, and from below, a compost of rice stalks, rice husks, and a variety of dried leaves. Nay herein a pesticide nor chemical fertilzer. And yea, though these processes take place through cooperative organizations, there’n not a communist among them- the banana trees are all tended by small farmers whom own their own land, the thread fibers and cloth crafted by spinners and weavers whom gather wages according to thy output.  Call it entrepreneurial humanism

As we in the developed world move more toward an enlightened process of holistic production and consumption, some have always been there. And while many seek to continually push toward an imagined future only to forever stumble back, let this not be a proclamation to return to loin cloths, but a gaze back, moving forward.

color:       NATURAL
size:         1.0 yd x 30.0”  in    [91.44 x 76 cm]
content:   100% Organic Banana Leaf Fiber

use:          curtain/drapery, wall panels, upholstery, pillows
weight:     1.4 oz/yd    [36 g/m];    [73  grms/mtr2]
sample:     8" x 9” in     [20 x 23 cm]                  

                 fabric care

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