commission for unisex skin & hair care brand

THIS studio was commissioned to devise a Travel Toiletry Bag. Our solution became a hybrid of functional luxury and aesthetic simplicity (or was that functional aesthetics and simplistic luxury?). In any case, we devised a flat-pack system of multiple sized containers with zip-lock sliders based upon the M+G techno-foil sample cream packet given away to customers. A waterproof container for toiletries and unmentionables by day, an evening clutch by night.  

M+G’s innovation has been to address a culture of uber-abundant choice in an over-marketed industry. Their premise for this project was to create a fashionably functional toiletry travel container that appeals to both men and women alike. THIS in-house studio research revealed two trivial commonalities in travel packing on which we based our approach:  1] Absolutely everyone packs clothing first and toiletry items last. This often leads to little if any space for a single dimensional container.  2] Most pack toiletries in everyday inexpensive and ubiquitous clear zip-lock bags because of high-altitude air pressure liquid leakage. Thus, our solution as outlined above. 



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