commission for men’s luxury apparel & accessory brand

THIS studio was asked to create a temporary installation for a projected new retail branch in SoHo, NYC. A contemporary Ant Farm was conceived based upon the Uncle Milton Ant Farm, supremely popular in the United States in the 1960’s. Within the installation live ants on display continuously tunnel and reshape the exhibit partaking in their life’s work: working, eating, sleeping… a kind of reality show in miniature. 

The display is both billboard and entertainment. And it uses a technically innovative base material instead of sand: a gel-like agar made primarily from seaweed developed by NASA to learn of the effects of zero gravity on ant populations. (we kid you not. for more info of your tax dollars at work click here). In addition to stability, the translucent gel provides the ants with nutrition, moisture and a medium for the ants to nest. What any of this has to do with Jack Spade and their customers is left, to you. 

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