on science



We love science and absolutely everything that contributes to the field. Absolutely. Everything. Let us acknowledge that there are different measures of truth however, things for which fact-based modern science may have no place. So lets take a moment now and bow our heads to the 17th century German Jesuit scholar, pre-modern genius and Renaissance polymath Athanasius Kircher. In addition to his vast studies and writings on magnetism, optics, astronomy, hieroglyphics, alchemy, geology, music, and medicine, ‘THIS’ cares to remember him most as the builder of whimsical devices and one invention in particular: the cat organ (Katzzenklavier), in which a keyboard was rigged to the tails of cats of varying size to elicit different pitched and tonal meows. More detail? …(there was a series of spikes that connected the piano keys to the cat’s tails.)

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